Tobacco pack design

Effective packaging of flavoured tobacco: what works and for whom?

Flavoured tobacco is one of the growing trends on the tobacco market, gaining popularity due to its taste, appeal, and lowered perception of health risks. Flavoured offerings are now available as traditional cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, little cigars, cigarillos and cigars, and hookah. Many studies conducted on the market so far indicate that flavoured tobacco is particularly appealing to younger consumers, and among them especially young women. Some clear preferences for flavours have also emerged from research. For example, electronic cigarette users who used to smoke in the past are more likely to choose fruit and sweet flavours (such as cherry or candy floss), as compared with current smokers. Similarly, fruit and sweet flavours are more likely to be tried by young consumers who have not smoked in the past. With proven appeal especially to young and female consumers, flavoured tobacco can be a popular product, if packaged and marketed effectively. A range of aspects is of a particular importance in terms of effective tobacco pack design.

For example, a study conducted among US high school students have shown that flavoured tobacco pack design is more effective if it emphasises positive beliefs about the product. Flavoured tobacco packs featuring associations with enjoyment, relaxation, and good taste were shown to be more attractive than traditional tobacco descriptors.

Another important factor is the presence of flavour descriptors on flavoured tobacco pack designs. A number of studies conducted across different countries and demographics have confirmed that fully branded flavoured tobacco pack designs with flavour descriptors were consistently rated as better tasting than the same packs without flavour descriptors. Equally, if flavour descriptors are removed from tobacco packs, consumers are significantly more likely to perceive flavoured tobacco as less appealing and not as tasty, and associate it with higher health risk.

These are just some examples of aspects influencing consumer preferences and consequently purchases when it comes to flavoured tobacco. In order to design effective flavoured tobacco pack design, more is needed than just experience in designing traditional tobacco packs. At SiebertHead, we draw from consumer research into trends and preferences for flavoured tobacco and combine these detailed insights with our packaging expertise, bringing more effective flavoured tobacco pack design to your brand.

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