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Client: Wrigley Poland

Year: 2007-2008

Country: Central Europe


Food & Confectionary


SiebertHead developed a comprehensive project for Wrigley’s Winterfresh, including an analysis of the brand in the context of market trends, re-design of brand identity, development of packaging graphics for several product groups under the umbrella brand, Winterfresh, and the introduction of new products.

Winterfesh packaging graphics were rejuvenated and systematised through establishing a clear hierarchy of messages and creation of an “open system” for visual communication. It allows for easy introduction of new flavours and for consumers it enables simple navigation between different product options.

A revolutionary design change for Winterfresh Fusion allowed the retention of consistency of the product image with the overall brand identity. Dynamic graphics illustrate the unique new flavour – a fusion of fruit and mint.

SiebertHead also produced Winterfresh Brand Guidelines to help the company maintain consistent brand image across all markets in Europe.


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