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Client: Cadbury Wedel

Year: 1999

Country: Poland


Food & Confectionary


In the 1990’s, Wedel was one of the most positively perceived brands in Poland. Despite this positive brand image, the company was losing market share due to its outdated visual identity, which was unattractive especially to younger consumers.

SiebertHead became Wedel’s design partner and during a three year co-operation we update their logo to look more current while keeping the original character of Emil Wedel’s signature. We then worked on the entire portfolio of Wedel’s products in the 1990’s, creating packaging design, which in most cases is still used in the market with just slightly changed graphic layout.

The new logo and packaging design for bars of chocolate enabled us to refresh the brand image and supported the process of Wedel regaining its market leader position in terms of chocolate sales in Poland.


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