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Client: Kraft Foods

Year: 2001

Country: The whole world


Food & Confectionary


Do you see a bear hidden in Toblerone’s design? If not – read the full description of this project.

Toblerone is the most unique brand in the confectionery market produced only in Switzerland, according to an unchangeable recipe by Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann. Toblerone is an occasional product purchased most often as a gift. That’s why the brand needed to improve its aesthetic appearance in stores.

The new brand icon and lettering have a more prestigious and elegant look. Thanks to this design refiment the product’s visibility on shelf was increased. The golden peak of the Matterhorn became a unique design element, giving the package a more illuminating and refreshing look. Thanks to the visual icon embossed onto the packaging we achieved a more vivid and three-dimensional visual message. The brand icon actually hides a figure of a bear standing on hind legs. The bear is the symbol of Bern, Toblerone’s place of origin.


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