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Nano gas cylinder

Client: Amerigas

Year: 2015

Country: Central Europe


Pharma, Chemistry & Cosmetics


Branding and design for an absolutely innovative ultra-light gas cylinder. The product is intended for individual consumers for home, outdoor and any leisure-time usage (cottage, boat, yacht etc.). Nano is almost 50% lighter than the standard bottles available at petrol stations. Cylinders branded by BP, Gazpol, Orlen and a few more are considered ugly in terms of design and their unappealing look is not justified by any safety or construction limitations. Nano is superb by its appearance and convenience. It is built with composite Twintex and steel tank, equipped with a so-called click-on gas regulator that allows for immediate connection.

About 40% of the population in Central Europe still use gas cylinders. Nano is a total revolution in the market due to its competitive advantage thanks to Nano aesthetics and functionality and the high quality gas inside.


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