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K2 car cosmetics & chemicals

Client: Inter-Global

Year: 2008

Country: The whole world


Pharma, Chemistry & Cosmetics


K2 is a Polish brand specialising in automotive chemicals exported to several dozen markets in the world. Although associated mostly with car care products, the company offers a wide range of products for cars, such as adhesives, detergents, motor oils as well as B2B products for car garages, washes and paint shops. The previous archaic design, including the packaging graphics jumble, did not reflect the true high quality of K2 products.

The change of the K2 brand identity is a reflection of so-called premiumisation – one of the key trends within the consumer world. Creation of an umbrella branding allows K2 to compete with global giants.

The project included: analysis of product portfolio, revolutionary brand re-design, a system for product groups’ distribution, creation of dozens of packaging graphics, and technical consulting on 3D forms and materials.


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