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Client: Efes Breweries, Turcja

Year: 2008

Country: The whole world


Alcoholic Beverages


The Efes brand re-design is a story of 360 degree branding – the full integration of visual communication within a brand.

For many Europeans Efes beer is associated with a summer idyll on the Turkish Riviera or basketball Euroleague. In fact Efes beer should be taken more seriously considering the fact that it is eighth place in terms of beer sales in Europe, is sold in over 50 markets around the world, and is produced by one of the 12 largest breweries in the world.

The result of SiebertHead’s work is a modern, cosmopolitan image of the brand, including specificity of non-standard markets – such as Russia or the Arab countries – but also deeply rooted in the Turkish tradition. Efes is a sponsor of several sports clubs and cultural institutions in Asia Minor. It has 80% market share of the Turkish beer market where it is regarded as a symbol of national pride. SiebertHead’s project included artwork for the new brand, labels and can graphics, stuctural design of bottles and beer dispensers, design elements related to point of sale and sponsorship, design of bulk containers and promotion packaging dedicated to various markets in Europe and Asia. The new design more effectively combines what the Efes brand stands for with its actual market activity, associated by its consumers with sport, spontaneity and freedom.


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