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Carlsberg Export

Client: Carlsberg Breweries, Dania

Year: 2001-2002

Country: Great Britain, EU


Alcoholic Beverages


The concept of identity for Carlsberg Export based on the “Big C” idea is unique on a global scale and its reach became much greater than initially anticipated.

The project included packaging graphics structural, bottle and beer dispenser design. Originally, the new design was intended to differentiate Carlsberg Export from standard Carlsberg lager and very similar brands, Heineken and Grolsch, justifying the higher price for Carlsberg Export.

However, the strikingly unique beer dispenser design eventually became a symbol for the Carlsberg brand in many markets. For the first time in the world the beer dispenser is as strong a brand icon as its branding.

Both packaging and the beer dispenser received prestigious industry awards. The shape of this dispenser was used as a trophy for The Best Player award during the UEFA Euro tournament in 2004 and 2008.


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