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Bols Vodka

Client: Unicom Bols

Year: 1997

Country: Poland


Alcoholic Beverages


The birth of Bols Vodka. We created the brand design of this Bola Vodka brand from it’s inspection in 1997, suggesting to consumers the highest quality, centuries-old tradition and master craftsmanship distillation through a sophisticated form of label design with extended coats of arms and slim bottles with massive rounded shoulders.

Unicom Bols, the largest producer of liqueurs, planned to enter the Polish market with this new product – vodka aimed at the premium audience segment. Up to this point, Unicom Bols did not have pure vodka within its product portfolio.

Whilst the Polish alcohol market is saturated with over a hundred brands, Bols Vodka’s undeniable success to achieve market leadership in a few years was one of the most effective marketing activities over the last two decades. And it happened even before the famous Bols Boat commercial was aired.


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