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Integrated Design™

What is it?

Integrated Design™ is a comprehensive approach to 360-degree branding, combining brand identity, packaging graphic design, 3D structural design, brand/product naming, and even the architecture of point of sale plus category management into a complete branding system based on user brand experience.

This comprehensive approach in the Integrated Design™ method is based on: first, design’s power of persuasion (independent of the medium and consistent); second, modularity, i.e. freedom of selecting off-line/on-line media; and finally, optimisation of budget and visual communication tools.

  • What for?

    • brand strategies

    • 360-degree branding

    • competitive advantage building

  • For whom?

    • marketing leaders

    • in-direct procurement

    • category management

    • CEO’s and CMO’s

Design Audit ™

What is it?

Design Audit™ evaluates a category in-store exposition and/or a brand packaging from consumer’s perspective. It helps assess the current situation and identify strengths/weaknesses of the products portfolio, branding, and packaging design. Merciless audit of an in-shop brand standout!

No research company can provide results better than Design Audit™! Our service converts visible and hidden exposure issues into a specific corrective plan, taking category management, trade marketing and brand communication into account.

  • What for?

    • category management

    • portfolio planning

    • strategic marketing

    • marketing services buying

  • For whom?

    • trade marketing

    • brand marketing

    • innovations

    • sales department

  • How and why?

    • comprehensive

    • multifaceted

    • innovative

    • time- and cost-effective

NPD Ideation ™

What is it?

NPD Ideation™ is outsourcing your product innovations generation. It is based on our own methodology of consumer insights exploration. It enables rapid portfolio revitalisation, new segmentation, category development and/or product range extension into new territories. We have already completed dozens of NPD Ideation™ projects with long-term impact on our clients’ brand portfolio development.

  • What for?

    • product innovations

    • portfolio development

    • brand expansion

  • For whom?

    • innovation leaders

    • brand marketing

    • R&D

    • sales departments

  • How and why?

    • innovation outsourcing

    • visionary and practical

    • strategic and expertise-based