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Tyskie beer goes vintage – effective brand extension

At SiebertHead we created the Tyskie Classic brand – a product innovation brought to the market by SABMiller, the largest beer brewer in Poland. The project includes design of a unique bottle and rustic graphic character of labels, cans and multipacks.

Tyskie Classic, which is a new version of the biggest beer brand in Poland and one of the 30 biggest beer brands in the world, was brought to the market on 24 April 2012. It will be sold alongside SABMiller’s flagship product: Tyskie Gronie.

We created a bottle different from all others. Its gentle edges turn smoothly into a long and uniformly tapered neck. Thanks to this shape the beer nonchalantly poures through the bottle without bubbling on the way and allowing consumers easy drinking.

The body of the bottle feels good in the hand, and the optimal centre of gravity makes it easy to tilt into the mouth. And look at the collar just under the cap! The long solid piece of glass crowning the bottle, so different from today’s mass production, was our desire to show the authenticity of Tyskie Classic. We emphasise it with pride at SiebertHead.

Through our design we created a balance between a solid body, slender neck and stable, bulbous base of the bottle. Modern minimalism is combined here with mild shapes taken directly from nature, and as a result the bottle appears to be full of confidence and very original.

There is no back label – as in the late 19th and early 20th century – and all the information is provided on the front of the bottle. The subdued palette of beige and gold highlights the gentle taste of the beer; it refers to the style of many labels from the past known in Poland and Europe. In this packaging design we wanted to preserve the ethos of Silesian brewers.

From our archives at SiebertHead we selected a few dozen old labels and packaging examples from around the world. We analysed their shapes, paper type, colours, metallic finishes, and proportions of composition elements in packaging graphics. This allowed us to fully understand the old style.

At Tyskie Brewery old photographs of barrels, tiles in the brew-house and porceline bottle stoppers fascinated us. Slim and simple bottles from the beginning of the 20th century raised our enthusiasm. We looked for inspiration in the Brewery’s architecture. We were delighted with original interior design of brew-house no. 4, the monumental façade of the Central Cooler and the slenderness of the Clock Tower.

The new beer is brewed with only three components: 100 percent of malt, hops and water. Tyskie Classic – a brand inspired by tradition – from the first weeks of its introduction to the market clearly won over hearts of Polish beer lovers. They talk about it enthusiastically on the internet and they love our design!

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