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Sinulan Global Rebranding

What is the biggest challenge in any rebranding project? It is the right balance in final results.
We found 3 FACTORS crucial for the vast majority of re-branding projects. Many brand managers are focusing on 1-2 of dozen measurements. Either they are missing data
or overloaded with research results to take right decisions. Sometimes they take it too personal or subjectively. Intuition is not enough. Time pressure is not an excuse.

Our recommendation is to stay close to the following 3 goals to get the right balance in any re-branding project:

Goal 1:
MAXIMISED ON-SHELF STAND-OUT – neglect tiny details, make sure that brand shouts from shelves stronger than others,

Goal 2:
POSITIONING REFLECTED IN THE LOGO – always try to incorporate elements of the positioning into the brand logotype, that’s not easy but possible when you allow the logo to dominate packaging on shelves,

Goal 3:
COHERENCY OF GLOBAL PORTFOLIO – whatever product you will launch must fit to umbrella branding – visually, semantically and in terms of product proposition.

It’s easy… well. Please watch our video as an example of global re-branding that meets these 3 goals in full.

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