Design talks

3 take-aways from Design TalksTM for every brand manager

Brand Design talks are a good opportunity to inspire your marketing and new product development departments to create innovative visual communication solutions. However, with so many packaging seminars available, it can be quite difficult for a brand manager to select design talks that can be informative, actionable, and provide for a good use of time on top of that. You may feel that design training can quickly get too technical or theoretical, but at the same time you realise you need to know the basics to stay on top of the game. Here at SiebertHead we created our signature design talks pitched at the exact level you need. Read more about what we cover in our seminars.

Learn how to write a design brief at our Design TalksTM

While efficient packaging design is only one component of the mix, brand managers need to know how to write a design brief that will get them exactly what they need. Learning the contents of design briefs is a good time and money investment, as you can discover what the designers need, how to communicate with them and what sort of information to provide. Junior brand managers, who often still need to learn how to write a design brief, will benefit the most from such knowledge, but those with more experience will also gain and refine their processes. We offer a mini workshop on effective briefing as part of our SiebertHead DesignTalksTM.

Efficient packaging design in practice – only at our DesignTalksTM

Of course, packaging design isn’t something brand managers do themselves, but packaging seminars are a worthy time investment since they can help place design in marketing mix and maximise the benefits from working with a design agency. Every brand manager needs to know the basics of efficient packaging design to know how to brief and what to expect from their creative partners. At SiebertHead, we make sure that the time you spend in SiebertHead DesignTalksTM will pay off in the long term. We focus on the practical side of packaging design, with hundreds of examples, workshop activities and a dynamic delivery.

DesignTalksTM – unique inspiration for marketers

Brand managers and marketers universally agree that they need inspiration to unleash their creativity. Especially if your time is limited and you often work under pressure, our talks containing inspiration for marketers and brand managers will help you reenergise, recharge, and reinvigorate your own ideas. Junior brand managers will also find that such talks can be a source of inspiration in their day-to-day tasks. If you’re looking to inspire your marketing department, our DesignTalksTM will deliver this and more.

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